AV News - May

3 new AV Club productions for May: 

  1. 1. Podcast: College and Career Coach Katie McAskill 
  2. 2. Interview Special: includes 2 graduating seniors, the National Honor Society (NHS) and Student Council (StuCoPresident Ms. Rojo, and the valedictorian and Anime/Cosplay club founder and president Ms. Sebold. They share some of their high school experience, and advice they have for lower classmen.  
  2. 3. Newscastupdates on school events, interviews about Lupus, and SEL highlight Lupus and Mental Health Awareness month in May. Another interview with Coach Mr. Vin Bhavnani showcases one of the many accomplished individuals of AAPI/APIDA heritage for Asian American Pacific Islander/Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month.
  4. Links to resources below:   
    Lupus Support Groups 
    Mental Health Resources 
    Bingo Sign Up  
    Yearbook Sales (codeovca) 


AV Club thanks everyone who has watched and listened to this year’s productions! 

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