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Bryoney Blakely


3-year term, ending June 2023
Photo: Bryoney Blakley
Bryoney Blakley was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She is from a family of teachers and is honored to serve on the board for a school that helps students reach their full potential. She graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism after spending a semester in DC participating in the Washington Journalism Program.
One of Bryoney’s cherished memories was her time when in college she was a classroom aide for her grandmother’s Kindergarten class. Bryoney believes every student has the ability to succeed in school; some merely need a little extra help or a slightly different setting. We’ve known for decades that students learn differently (visually or physically, etc.). Acknowledging that your child needs a different school option than traditional brick and mortar doesn’t mean that you are catering to their whims or not preparing them for the “realities of the real world.” It means that you had the strength to see your child struggling and the courage to find a way for them to get the best possible education. It means you refused to give up on them and their education. That’s why she is so dedicated to serving on the school board for OVCA. She believes that online public schools (like OVCA), along with OVCA teachers, faculty and staff, show that same strength, determination and resilience to each and every student. 
Bryoney has also served as Learning Coach since 2017.