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Throughout the year, students can demonstrate their acquisition of course academic objectives using end of lesson and end of unit assessments. Teachers collect assignments to assist in assessing a student’s academic progress.


Students in grades 6-12 will take final exams at the end of both fall and spring semesters. There will not be excused absences allowed for these exams. To protect test confidentiality, all exams will be open from 5pm the night prior to the exam to 5pm the night of the exam. All students enrolled in for high school credit courses will take the final exam when it is scheduled unless prior approval has been given by both the teacher and principal. Final exams are given the last week of each semester. It is vital students and Learning Coaches read emails regarding times tests will be available.


OVCA utilizes readiness and interim assessments in English Language Arts, Mathematics and tested courses to determine the academic needs of our students. This assessment helps your child and OVCA teachers understand how the student is learning and to watch his/her growth over the course of the year. Students will start with a readiness assessment in Reading and Mathematics. Academic growth is monitored through at least three additional interim assessments throughout the year. Your student’s teacher will provide you with additional information about logging in and accessing the assessment. The assessments will be monitored by a teacher in a NewRow classroom and students will be expected to screenshare, use their microphone and their camera during the duration of the assessment. This process ensures fidelity for the assessments and will provide the most accurate results for planning for instruction. During the assessment, it is important that you do not help your child with the answers to the test. The purpose of the test is to provide teachers with information on the student’s strengths as well as areas that need additional focus this school year. If you assist in any way, the test will not be valid and additional assessment will be required to adequately assess growth. Teachers use assessment information, course grades, interviews with students, and class observations to plan the most effective learning path for the student.
The assessment results will be sent to the parent after each assessment window.
Full participation in these assessments was agreed to during enrollment. Students are required to fully participate in all readiness and interim assessments to be eligible for reenrollment.
They are as follows:
  • Beginning of Year Readiness Assessment: Begins week of August, 23, 2021
  • Middle of Year Growth Assessment: Begins week of December 1, 2021
  • End of Year Growth Assessment: Begins Week of May 2, 2022


The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) sets the testing windows for all schools across the state. OVCA will publish these windows as the OSDE releases them. Parents and students will be notified of their exact testing schedule and location in advance. Parents should actively attempt NOT to schedule doctor appointments, vacations, etc. during these times to avoid any possible conflicts with testing dates and times. Parents are responsible for getting students to testing sites and completing appropriate documentation that is required. As required by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and Every Student Succeeds Act, grade level designation, rather than course level, is used to determine the grade level testing for state assessments. OVCA shall offer no less than six testing locations with at least one location in each quadrant of the state and each of the two metropolitan areas in the state.
Participation in all state testing is a requirement for re enrollment, graduation and receiving a high school diploma. There is not an opt-out option.
The tests administered at each grade level are:
Grade Level Tests Administered


All students with disabilities enrolled in a tested grade in Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy will be administered all mandatory state-designated tests either with or without accommodations as determined by the IEP team. Students with significant cognitive disabilities may be assessed through the Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP). The IEP team utilizes criteria set by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to determine whether a student qualifies for administration of the OAAP.


This information is from the Board-approved OVCA Handbook for SY 2021-2022, revised September 2021.