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Health Information



It is important for school personnel to be notified of any medical concerns, particularly if a student is attending any in person, school sponsored event such as state testing, outings, prom and graduation.
Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy shall permit the self-administration of inhaled asthma medication by a student for treatment of asthma and the self-administration of anaphylaxis medication by a student for treatment of anaphylaxis at all in person, school sponsored events, including but not limited to state testing, outings, prom and graduation, when deemed necessary by a licensed physician. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for submitting the Medication Authorization Form to the school and supplying an emergency supply of the medication. A student may self- administer prescribed asthmatic, diabetic, or anaphylaxis medication, if the self- carry/self-administration section on the Medication Authorization Form has been completed by parent/guardian and the physician. Students with an approved Medication Authorization Form on file shall be permitted to possess and use a prescribed inhaler or anaphylaxis medication, including but not limited to an Epinephrine injector, at all times. The Medication Authorization Form will be valid for the current school year.



OVCA will create a Diabetes management plan with the parent and health care provider. This is especially important if your student attends any in person event. Please contact your principal for more details.


This information is from the Board-approved OVCA Handbook for SY 2021-2022, revised September 2021.