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OVCA students do not pay for curricular materials. Families receive curricular materials in their homes from the school. OVCA students may be responsible for fees associated with some school-planned activities. These events are optional, and students will be notified in advanced of any fees associated with an activity.


Students are provided with materials and tools to use with the courses. Parents and students are advised to take care of the materials. Materials are to be returned at the end of the school year (except for consumable materials and optional materials families purchase on their own). Some courses may not have physical materials.
These courses will have digital books and software provided through the course. One of the tools students will see and use frequently is web-based platforms such as Newrow. This is a real-time online classroom to engage students in hands-on learning.
Please go through your material boxes and use the packing slip to make sure that everything has arrived. If any materials are lost or damaged, please contact K12 Virtual Schools LLC (Stride K12) immediately for replacements by calling 1.866.512.2273. Throughout the year, you will also be required to provide some of your own materials. It is important that you check the advance prep information provided in the lessons and by your science teacher(s) so that you are prepared for the labs as they are scheduled.
Please note students joining OVCA after the start of the school year should not wait for their materials to arrive before beginning courses. Digital textbooks are available within the courses for the students to use while they wait for their off-line materials.


A microphone is required for all Middlebury (Foreign Language) courses and is strongly recommended for all students to use in sessions. If your computer does not have a built-in microphone, you can acquire one inexpensively at office supply centers or retail stores that sell computer accessories. If you are unable to afford one, please contact your Community Family Advisor
Students in 3rd-8th grade who have not begun working in their Foreign Language course by November 1 will be removed from the course and placed in Music or Art.


There may be times a parent finds certain lessons, books or materials objectionable for various reasons. If a parent finds objectionable material, he/she should contact his/her OVCA teacher via e-mail. Teachers work with parents to find alternative lessons to meet the lesson objectives. The assessment for the lesson must be completed to show that the objectives have been met. Parents should also contact K12 Virtual Schools LLC (Stride K12) directly using the feedback option of the OLS.


Learning Coaches seek to provide the best possible education for their student and often enrich the child’s curriculum with extra activities and field trips. These activities are encouraged, but they do not count for attendance or grade calculations since they are not part of the online school. It is also important to note that additional extracurricular courses and supplemental curriculum do not replace the progress and expectation of the student’s K12 Virtual Schools LLC (Stride K12) lessons.


This information is from the Board-approved OVCA Handbook for SY 2021-2022, revised September 2021.