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Report Cards and Grades



Grades are assigned based on the following scale:
A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 60-69%
F = 0 – 59%
Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.


High School students will have a Grade Point Average (GPA) listed on their transcript. OVCA used a weighted GPA system to determine Class rank, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and eligibility for Honor Roll and National Honor Society. GPA is determined by total grade points earned by total credits attempted.

The following values are assigned to each full year course:
A = 4
B = 3
C = 2
D = 1
F = 0
OVCA honors/Pre-AP level courses taken carry the following weighted value:
A = 4.25
B = 3.25
C = 2.25
D= 1.25
F = 0
Advanced Placement/College courses carry the following weighted values:
A = 5
B = 4
C = 3
D = 2
F = 0
Students taking concurrent courses at technology centers that are part of approved Associate in Applied Science degree programs may work with their technology center to obtain a college transcript indicating their applied credits. A student may submit their college transcript to OVCA to be awarded weighted credit based on the guidelines listed above.
Upon enrolling in OVCA, prior credits will be transcribed per OVCA weighted grades policy.
Students may repeat a course in which they have earned an F; however, both grades will be reflected on the student transcript and figured into the overall grade point average. One does not erase the other. Credit in a specific subject will only be granted once for that class, and the other course will receive credit for an elective class.


Report cards are sent at the end of each quarter for Elementary and Middle School students and at the end of each semester for High School Students. Student must have been enrolled a minimum of 26 days in a quarter to receive a report card. Students must be enrolled by the below dates to receive a report card for that quarter.
Quarter Enrolled on or Before
1st Quarter September 6, 2022
2nd Quarter November 3, 2022
3rd Quarter January 31, 2023
4th Quarter April 21, 2023
Report cards will include final course grades, as well as credit earned for each High School course. Grades are finalized at the last day of each quarter/semester. Report cards will not be revised for work done in June and/or July.

Report cards will only display grades for courses taken at OVCA. OVCA does not assign or issue grades for coursework completed through a Career Tech program or college/university.

Information regarding the student’s progress in those courses must be obtained from the Career Tech or college/university. Transcripts will reflect grades as reported to OVCA by the Career Tech or college/university. Counselors will verify ongoing attendance with the Career Tech Center or college/university. If a counselor is unable to obtain such verification, students will be asked to provide evidence of ongoing attendance.
Report cards and progress reports are emailed to both the legal guardian’s and learning coach’s personal email account. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the staff of any changes in email address during the school year. OVCA will send the report cards to the most current email address listed. Also, remember that student’s grades for each course are available through the course homepage 24 hours a day and are the most current and dependable method of viewing student’s grades.
For high school students, final transcripts are available 2-3 weeks after the last day of the semester. To obtain a transcript, please contact the school registrar.


Letter grades are based on three categories: OLS Assessments, Growth Assessments & Teacher Graded Assignments. Category weights for each grade level can be found in the Appendix B.

OLS Assessments are calculated by the average of the scores the student receives on the lesson, unit and semester courses in the OLS. Assessments not completed within two weeks of due date according to the daily plan in the OLS will be marked with a M for missing in the OLS Gradebook, which greatly impacts the overall average.
Growth Assessments – OVCA utilizes the Growth Assessment at the beginning of the year, mid- year and end of year to determine the academic needs of our students. Students will receive a participation grade for completing the assessment during the assigned testing window. Students who complete the assessments during the testing window will receive full credit (50 points) as a participation grade.
Students who do not complete the assessments during the assigned testing window will receive a 0 as a participation grade and will have their account locked until the assessments are complete.
Teacher Graded Assignments (TGA) – Teachers will assign and collect assignments (including writing) periodically throughout the year. Late penalties of 20% apply to assignments submitted after the due date. Example: A student scores 100% on work but turns assignment in late—final grade 80%. Reminders will be posted in the OLS announcements as well as grade level newsletter. Teachers will offer assistance during Class Connect so students will be able to submit work on or before due date. Writing TGAs are submitted by teacher direction (including OLS File Share and Seesaw Learning) at least quarterly. All writing assignments must be submitted in the student's handwriting; no typed work will be accepted.
Each teacher reserves the right to require other assignments to help students master grade level objectives. Additional assignments will be sent in email and explained in classes. It is the student’s responsibility to review email daily and attend required class connects sessions to receive information about additional assignments. These additional assignments will be included in report card grades and posted in the OLS Gradebook.
Please note Kindergarten and 1st Grade LA/English consists of all English/LA related courses. Each course will receive its own grade. Course by grade level include:
  • Kindergarten - Language Skills Blue (Handwriting, Language Skills, Literature & Comprehension, and Phonics)1st Grade – Language Skills Green (Handwriting/Writing, Literature & Comprehension, Phonics Works, and Vocabulary)


PE is a course that contains one lesson per week with a fitness log to be completed daily.  Students will document time spent on physical activities on the fitness log provided in the PE lesson and complete the lesson activities. PE grades will be figured once a quarter based on completion of lessons in the PE course. The grading scale for PE is an S for satisfactory and a U for unsatisfactory. Students that stay on-track with lesson completion will receive an S for satisfactory. Students that complete less than 50% of the expected lessons will receive a U for unsatisfactory.


Except for Middle School PE and Foreign Language, all Middle School and High School students’ grades are determined by the sum of points a student earns on all graded assignments and tests. Points earned by student/ total points possible = Grade
Example: In his or her math class the student earns 563 points out of a total of 700 possible points. The grade would be 80%. (563/700 = 80%)
Points are earned for a variety of assignments within each course. Assignment types vary each course but may include items such as practice lessons, threaded discussions, web exploration, labs, journal entries, class discussions, quizzes, checkpoints, tests, interim assessments, Class Connect attendance, supplemental work done in third-party platforms (i.e. Exact Path), and projects.
Point values for each assignment type can be viewed in the gradebook within the course.
Beginning of Year (BOY), Middle of Year (MOY) and End of Year (EOY) growth benchmark tests will be graded and will count toward all core course grades. Below is how students will be graded in courses based on their testing outcomes. Grades will be out of a total of 10 points.  
The graph below outlines how and when points are earned for test completion. 
Benchmark Points When
BOY Students receive 10 pts. in all courses for completing both the Math & Reading tests Reflected on 1st Qtr. Progress Report
  • Shows adequate yearly growth on test:  10/10 points
  • Does not show adequate yearly growth on test:  6/10 pts.
  • Incomplete test:  0/10
  • Math test completed:  10 points
  • Reading test completed:  10 points
Reflected on 2nd Qtr. Progress Report
  • Shows adequate yearly growth on test:  10/10 points
  • Does not show adequate yearly growth on test:  6/10
  • Incomplete test:  0/10
  • Math test completed:  10 points
  • Reading test completed:  10 points
Reflected on 4th Qtr./Final Progress Report


In Middle School, final grades for Foreign Language Courses are based on two categories:
  • 50% of the grade is based on how close the student’s progress in the Middlebury course is to the required progress for the quarter.
  • 50% of the grade is based on the total number of points earned on teacher graded assignments/engagement divided by the total possible points for assignments.


Students are recognized for their hard work each at the end of each grading period based on the criteria below:
Picture: Honor Roll


Students in grades 9-12 and with a cumulative GPA above 3.5 and who also demonstrate good character and leadership skills may be invited to join the OVCA chapter of the National Honor Society. Students will be evaluated annually for induction in the spring. Membership requires active participation including monthly meetings and volunteer requirements.


OVCA understands technical errors occur. Should a technical error result in a discrepancy between the gradebook a student/Learning Coach sees and the gradebook the teacher sees, the Learning Coach or student must contact the teacher for an appointment. Grades in the gradebook will not be changed by a teacher unless the student meets the teacher in the online classroom such as Zoom/Newrow and shares his/her screen with the teacher so that the teacher can help determine the technical error for proper reporting.


Should a dispute over an assignment grade arise, the student or Learning Coach should first contact the course teacher. If the issue is not resolved within 3 business days, the student or Learning Coach may appeal to the principal.


Parents or Learning Coaches may appeal a student’s final grade for a course up to 30 days after the end of a quarter or semester. Appeals will not be considered later than 30 days after the end of a quarter. To begin an appeal, contact the principal.


This information is from the Board-approved OVCA Handbook for SY 2022-2023, revised August 2022.