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Individualized Career and Academic Plan 

Oklahoma law currently requires students to graduate high school prepared for the workforce or with a post high school education plan. Beginning cohort year 2023 (current 9th-11th graders), Oklahoma requires each student to have completed an approved ICAP project. OVCA uses OKcollegestart www.okcollegestart.org to facilitate students’ ICAP completion. Each year, each eligible student will be enrolled in a semester-long course—completing prescribed OKcollegestart content from a list of grade level prescribed tasks—that will be a 7th course on the schedule, worth 0.25 credit, and count towards the student’s GPA. The ICAP project is a graduation requirement just like taking 4 years of English.

Returning OVCA students will take their ICAP course in the fall, while any new student will complete the course in the spring. For many students, the tasks can be completed in half a day or less. Students will be invited to an ICAP day each semester where teachers will go over assignments and provide time for students to ask questions and work on tasks. There will be no assignments or live classes on ICAP Day. The student’s ICAP teacher or the OVCA College and Career Readiness Coordinator, Katie McAskill, can help students getting logged in or with any other questions related to the ICAP [email protected]

Students will be evaluated on a completion basis alone. Each ICAP task completed by a student will not be evaluated on a performance scale, but it will scored as either complete or incomplete. Only students with 100% completion for every grade level prescribed task will be considered as passing the course and receiving .25 credit. Every student is expected to complete the course by the end of the semester as it is a graduation requirement.