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About Bradley Walck

My name is Bradley Walck. I am the OVCA High School US History teacher. I am starting my third year at OVCA and have been a professional educator for 40 years. I have four college degrees, a bachelor's degree in history from Oklahoma Baptist University, two masters degrees in education from East Central University, one in teaching and one in administration, and I earned a doctor's degree from the University of Oklahoma. I spent most of my time at the collegiate level. I worked twenty-two years as a college basketball coach, history professor and administrator at Seminole State College. I was a high school history teacher and girls and boys basketball coach for twelve years. My women's basketball team at SSC was very successful and reached the number 1 ranking in the nation in 1993. I coached several All-Americans and one of my players went on to become an WNBA National Champion with the Seattle Storm. My wife (Kay) and I were the first two coaches in college basketball history to coach against each other as head coaches. After retiring from Seminole State I was awarded the honor of being name Vice President Emeritus by the Board of Regents.