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About John Farris

John Farris was inspired to go into education by some very special people. His paternal grandmother, who taught in a one room schoolhouse in the early 1900’s before statehood in Oklahoma, had a major influence on him. Other influences included his third-grade teacher, and three high school teachers. Right after high school, he attended and graduated from Fresno State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology. After teaching and coaching for a few years, he decided to attend Cal State University, Fresno, for graduate work. He graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Science. About 10 years into teaching, he decided to move into administration. Soon after his promotion, he began working on my doctorate at the University of the Pacific. Five years later he graduated with a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.
John's educational career has covered forty-seven years of educational experiences ranging from high school teaching, middle school teaching, middle school administration, two high school principalships, collegiate teaching, two university directorships, retirement and returning to teaching at OVCA. This hi first year with OVCA. With regards to a personal highlight, there is another side to this 8th grade science teacher; he earned a four-year wrestling scholarship at Fresno State and coached 3 state championship high school wrestling teams in California.
John believes our deepest calling is to continue to grow into our own authentic self-hood. And, as we do so, we will find the joy that every human seeks—we will find our path of authentic service in the world.