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Student Support Services

The Student Support Service team (SSS team) consists of Community Family Advisors, a Family Resource Coordinator, and Student Support Administrator.
The Community Family Advisor is the single point of contact for families. The Community Family Advisor stays with the family throughout enrollment at OVCA. All communication comes through the Community Family Advisor via email, phone calls and online meetings.
Community Family Advisors support students throughout the school year by creating successful school schedules, monitoring progress, assisting students with motivation, providing plans to get students back on track, and building programs/events based on needs of the families in that area (community).
Community Family Advisors schedule in person and online events, so that students have the opportunity for social gatherings, study groups and enrichment.
A Student Family Resource Coordinator advocates for local and national resources to give students access to necessary social services. The goal is to build an infrastructure of support within the school, for anything that may jeopardize a student’s education, such as medical challenges, domestic issues, legal trouble, or even computer and Internet problems.
A Student Support Administrator is the administrative support for the Community Family Advisors and supports engagement interventions for all OVCA students.


This information is from the Board-approved OVCA Handbook for SY 2021-2022, revised September 2021.