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Enrolled OVCA students may participate in local OVCA Student Clubs and/ or national K12 Student Clubs!

Families can find the list of clubs and signup links by visiting

A few points of reminder about national clubs:

  • National Club sessions will not begin until September
  • National Club sessions will appear on the student Events schedule with other Class Connect sessions
  • National Club teachers will send emails approximately 1 week in advance of the club session to let students and families know when to watch for the scheduled session
  • In the beginning it may take up to 4 weeks to hear from their club leaders
  • Families can email for questions regarding clubs
  • Grade ranges are closely observed

With 50+ clubs available, there's something for every student enrolled in a K12 partner school.


Clubs and Organizations Policy

Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (“OVCA” or “School”) provides opportunities for socialization and supporting academics through clubs and organizations.
Rules for Establishing any School Curricular Club or Curricular Organization
1. A certified teacher must agree to serve as the sponsor of the organization.
2. The objectives of the organization must be consistent with the objectives and philosophy of the School.
3. By-laws and objectives of the organization must be submitted to the principal for approval.
4. Assurance must be given that no discrimination exists in regard to national origin, ethnicity, gender, income level, disabling condition, proficiency in English language, measures of achievement, aptitude, athletic ability, or religious creed.
Non-curricular Clubs and Non-curricular Organizations
Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy does not sponsor or direct and control any non-curricular clubs or organizations. If outside groups would like to promote a club, the club’s material must be approved by Head of School. If approved, any materials publicized MUST contain the following statement: “Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this document.” If copies are needed, the person(s) requesting approval is responsible for supplying all copies to be distributed. Any non-curricular club and any non-curricular organization must agree to abide by the School’s anti-discrimination policy in order for its materials to be approved by the Head of School.
Notification to Families:
The School will annually notify parents or guardians of students about clubs and organizations sponsored by or under the direct control and supervision of the School . The annual notification shall be placed in the student handbook and by posting information on the School’s Internet website. The annual notification shall include, but is not limited to, the following information about each club or organization:
1. Name/Topic of Club
2. Mission or purpose and,
3. Name of the faculty supervisor, if known

If clubs or organizations are created or formed after the annual notification is distributed, the School shall send additional notification to the parents or guardians containing the above- listed information regarding the additional clubs or organizations by way of a message added to the School’s social media, website or newsletters.