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Computer - Internet

Computer Requirements 

All students must have a computer dedicated for schooling which can be accessed daily. Electronics such as iPad, Gaming Machine, Tablet, Cell phone, etc. cannot substitute the requirement of a computer. Such devices are unable to access all components of the school curriculum and online classes.
Families using their own computer are responsible for ensuring their personal computer meets the required specifications for our Online School Platform. Please check the specifications by visiting the website below:

Loaner Computer Policy

If requested and the family qualifies, K-12 students will be loaned one computer per family to be used to access the online learning platform during that student’s enrollment in Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA).
Additional computers may be provided if the Class Connect schedules of siblings overlap and an alternative schedule cannot be accommodated. Additional computers require Head of School approval.

OVCA will not replace computers that are intentionally damaged or damaged due to negligence or misuse. Pursuant to the Agreement for Use of Instructional Property, families are solely liable for any loss or damage to the computer until it is returned to K12 and should take proper precautions to protect it. OVCA may require families to pay for lost or damaged computers.

High Speed Internet Requirements

High Speed Internet access is required for all students. It must be active by the first day of school and must be maintained for the duration of enrollment.

Mobile Broadband Devices 

OVCA also offers a mobile broadband device program to students who qualify. Qualification is defined as; economically disadvantaged, as determined by Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines used in determining eligibility for free and reduced-price meals and, or those in need of a mobile broadband device due to a change in life circumstances. Student who qualify may be eligible to be issued a mobile broadband device for the duration of enrollment at OVCA. The number of devices is limited and will be issued one per family on a first come, first served basis. The device is to be used for attending online classes, accessing and completing school work/activities and communicating with the school. It is not provided for personal use. The device is equipped with Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) filters, but the school is not responsible for sites accessed through the device. By receiving the device, the legal guardian accepts responsibility for monitoring internet use of the student and responsibility for payment for lost, damaged or stolen devices. Normal use will not exceed the monthly allowable data. Misuse may cause the data to exceed limits, which results in loss of internet access until the next billing cycle. Misuse will result in denial to participate in OVCA’s mobile broadband device program. The device must be returned immediately to OVCA upon withdrawal or graduation.

Without a waiver from the Head of the School, to be eligible for a mobile broadband device, a student must participate in all required testing and must have an attendance rate of no less than ninety percent (90%).

Webcam Usage

The Board of Education of the Oklahoma Virtual Chart Academy (“OVCA”) adopts a policy for online safety when using webcams during school activities such as but not limited to online classes, social activities, teacher/student help sessions, etc.

All staff and families wishing to use webcams as part of school activities will have to provide understanding and agreement of the school web cam expectations. Families shall agree to comply with the School-Parent Compact for using face to face platforms in order to use webcams (the “Compact”).

Webcam environment must be sterile and appropriate for schooling. As described in the Compact, families shall be responsible for ensuring a home learning environment that complies with OVCA’s requirements for webcam usage is complied with. The failure to comply with applicable policies and the Compact should result in disciplinary action consistent with the Student Conduct and Discipline as outlined in the student handbook.