Testing » State Testing - Spring 2021

State Testing - Spring 2021


Spring 2021 Student State Testing Scores

You can access your students' state testing scores directly on the online Parent/Student Portal.

To log in to the portal, families must have their student’s unique 10-digit State Testing Number (STN), which is available through the school or on previous OSTP paper parent reports.
All Parent/Student Portal accounts have been reset for spring 2021, which means families will need to register even if they’ve logged on before.
The portal is accessible in English or Spanish.
The following portal resources are available:


For more information, please reference the Family Guide to State Testing (below) and contact your Community Family Advisor (CFA).

Q: Can I opt out of testing this year?
A: Our charter and state/federal mandates requires the school to test all eligible students. However, this year we recognize the specific challenges presented and respect the wishes of any family who decides not to test due to COVID.


Q: Will my student be penalized for not testing?
A: No. Students will not be held back in grade level or be locked/withdrawn for not testing this year. It is vitally important that all students continue to learn during these challenging times. The schools will continue to use daily data to determine the best academic steps for each individual student.


Q: What about graduation requirements?
A: If a student is a senior and needs testing, they must complete state testing this year to be eligible for graduation. If a student is in high school (11th grade), they must complete testing before being eligible to graduate next school year.


Q: What about 8th grade reading and driver’s testing?
A: There are other tests the student can complete to meet this requirement. All students must demonstrate they can read at an 8th grade level before being eligible for a driver’s permit. Our school’s benchmark tests will meet this requirement.


Q: What about 3rd grade reading and grade promotion?
A: Students who do not test have other avenues to meet RSA requirements and promote grades as normal. Daily attendance and work are critical for this process. Please reach out to your teachers with specific questions.


Q: Why is my testing site so far away? Last year we tested at another place.
A: The number of sites has been reduced this year due to COVID considerations.


Q: I want to attend testing, but I cannot afford to drive that far. What do I do?
A: Families may be eligible for travel assistance to testing. The method of this assistance may vary based on need. Please contact your Community Family Advisor (CFA) for more information.


Q: What happens if I decide my student will not test this year?

A: Students will continue to attend daily classes and complete coursework as they normally would. Daily attendance is important to fill any learning gaps. The benchmark tests the school gives will provide parents a good tool to use to determine student growth over the course of the school year.


Q: I want to select a different testing site.

A: Please contact your Community Family Advisor (CFA) for more information.