Do you see yourself working in aviation, aerospace, construction or the energy sector?

Career techs will be opening up enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year. If you are interested in applying, please take a few moments to look over the Career Tech website and see if any programs look interesting and apply.

Students currently in 10th and 11th grade can apply for a variety of programs and attend part-time either in the morning or afternoon session. Upon counselor approval, students can get high school credit for programs that they attend at their local Career Tech. Students will drop three classes off their OVCA school schedule, so Career Tech attendance is built into their school day. It is suggested to have at least 3 different programs that you want to apply for as 3 options. All career techs will need a copy of your high school transcript and some will require additional testing items such as  ACT , Pre-ACT or they will have you come on campus and do testing. 

If you enroll in a program you can attend for free as long as you live in the district, students in high school attend part-time either on a morning or afternoon schedule. Once your application is accepted we will adjust your schedule with OVCA.  

Students currently in 9th grade can apply for programs in biomedical, pre-engineering and business.  These programs are available on a limited basis across the state.  Students attend part-time, either morning or afternoon session,s and then attend OVCA for 3 classes.  

Students currently in 12th grade are encouraged to check out the adult programs available. Applications are open for these as well.  Scholarships, financial aid, and the Oklahoma Promise are available to help cover the costs of programs.  Students can also check out scholarships available here at specific career techs.


For more info click HERE or contact Katie McAskill, OVCA's College and Career Readiness Coordinator.